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A New Season of Exciting Opportunities!

A New Season of Exciting Opportunities!

March 10, 2022

With the new season, YCD brings you an array of exciting events and opportunities.

We are ecstatic to announce the launch of our new mobile unit Community Economic Mobility Vehicle (CEMVe) coming to you this spring. CEMVe is a converted meal truck that has been designed to provide connection and coordination to essential supportive services, workforce programing, and other strategies that lead to financial wellbeing. The birth of CEMVe is due to our strong belief in leveraging the wealth of resources that exist within District 10 to support residents with achieving their goals as it relates to economic well-being. CEMVe will “meet the community where they are” and offer the following services:

  • Education
  • Financial Empowerment
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Housing
  • Legal Support
  • Workforce

We invite you out to celebrate the launch of CEMVe at our Kick-off Event on March 28th (Sunnydale) and March 29th (Alice Griffith Apartments). Join us and the rest of District 10 as we commemorate this community driven project.

Our Pop-up & Come-up Wednesdays are back and in honor of Women’s History Month, we are celebrating women in leadership. The pop-up event will be held on March 16th in Potrero Hill neighborhood. Come out and meet guest speakers from Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center and Smart Money Balance.
The best time to apply for summer jobs may be earlier than you think. Job opportunities are abound now but they may go quickly, so it is wise to start applying now. Our CityWorks Summer Internship is ramping up and we are in the process of recruiting new talent! CityWorks place young interns (ages 16-24) in post-secondary programs, to gain the skills necessary for academic and professional success. This is a PAID internship for high school and college students from District 10. CityWorks interns will have access to mentors, supervisors and a strong community of professionals, all of whom are dedicated to helping them achieve their goals. They will have work-based learning opportunities with various private and public sector partners in the Bay Area. Application deadline is on March 25th, grab hold of this opportunity and apply now: CityWorks Summer Internship Online Application.

In addition to our CityWorks internship, the Mayor’s Youth Employment & Education Program (MYEEP) is offering in-person program with virtual opportunities this summer. MYEEP provides San Francisco youth with PAID work opportunities, and tools they need to succeed in a workplace. MYEEP also gives youth a chance to build relationships with other members of their neighborhood communities.

The application has been adapted this year so that it is applied to MYEEP and SF YouthWorks. When filling out the combined application, youth will be applying to both programs. For specific program information, please visit:

MYEEP Deadline April 8, 2022

SF YouthWorks Deadline April 8, 2022

Application and details here

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We hope to see you at our CEMVe Kick-off Event and Pop-up & Come-up Wednesdays!


YCD believes that every individual should have the right to sustainable and generation economic mobility.


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