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In with 2021, out with 2020.

In with 2021, out with 2020.

At this point, we can absolutely say that just about everyone of us has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the onset of the Shelter in Place mandate, YCD continues to passionately serve our entire District-10 community. We continue to support our customers through a remote hybrid services delivery style. YCD is actively responding to the many needs of our residents through our COVID-19 community response relief efforts.

Together, we have entered a new normal, which has challenged the way we all work and live. Our teams were able to make a swift transition from in-person to remote service delivery, adapting immediately to a complete new way of providing services.

Our 2020 response relief efforts addressed six (6) top priorities: 1) Basic Necessities 2) Food Scarcity 3) Connectivity 4) Housing 5) Childcare and 6) Transportation Support

1. Basic Necessities Purchases via Gift Cards: The pandemic has resulted in unbearable economic hardships that make it extremely challenging to purchase even the most basic necessities. To date, YCD has safely distributed over 1,000 Safeway/Visa gift cards to community residents.

2. Prepared Meal Delivery: To address food scarcity, YCD continues to provide our meal distribution program. Working alongside local catering partners, restaurateurs, and key community-based organizations, we leverage our current infrastructure to distribute hot meals for up to 750 individuals per day and nearly 2,550 a week throughout District 10.

3. Connectivity: COVID-19 has emphasized the pre-existing gap in digital connectivity in our community. YCD is providing laptops and tablets to community members to help close this divide.

In addition, many of our in-person programming is now available online, including job training, educational tutorials and one-on-one customer support via Zoom.

4. Eviction Prevention Assistance: As job loss continues to rise within our community, residents are facing an increased threat of eviction and displacement. YCD has actively worked with City organizations to develop a strategic response to mitigate the economic impacts of COVID-19 and guard against residents being pushed into displacement.

5. Childcare: School closures have resulted in additional cost burdens upon families with school-age children. Many households are not equipped with the necessary resources to support all-day childcare. We are working with foundations and community partners to address these challenges.

6. Transportation Support: Citywide, there are limited public transportation services and routes in addition to COVID-19 related restrictions. To support essential trips to the grocery store, pharmacy and medical appointments, we are exploring alternatives including ride share and delivery services, allowing residents, particularly those at high risk to avoid exposure.

YCD distributed over 400 Safeway gift cards to Pacific Pointe residents.
YCD distributes hot meals for up to 750 individuals per day and nearly 2,550 a week throughout the Bayview.

We're here to help.

We’re here to help. As we look to the new year, we anticipate the long-term impacts of COVID-19. YCD is working proactively to mitigate the trauma, learning loss, housing displacement and job loss that has devastated our community. Our leadership team is actively engaged in the process of updating our strategic plan to address needs in the aftermath of the pandemic as well as develop pipelines to careers in high demand sectors.

Discover how we aim to break the cycle of generational poverty and what it means to our team, partners, the youth and families we serve by reading our 2019 Annual Report.

YCD has the honor of continuing to serve the beautifully resilient District-10 community. This would not be possible without the overwhelming support of friends, donors and partners both within the community and the City & County of San Francisco. Whether it be the gift of time from volunteers, support through funding or the trust of committed partnerships, it is during these times we understand the necessity of community and the power of true collective impact. It is in this spirit that YCD will continue to champion these priorities for our community.

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