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Pop-up & Come-up Wednesday

Pop-up & Come-up Wednesday

YCD considers the comprehensive needs of individuals and their families. We provide a deeper level of wrap-around support by integrating multiple programs and resources available across our organization. Our goal is to empower residents of all ages in achieving economic mobility. Our service areas of focus include: financial security, personal & professional development, community advocacy, housing, and health & wellness.

Where there is a need in the community, YCD extends their programs and services to fill in the cracks. Our services are not only limited to residents of the Bayview community, we provide relief for people when it’s hard to find it elsewhere. YCD has been offering services in Potrero Hill for several years now, but looking to deepen the connection with the community, Ms. Hattie Wyatt, created Pop-up & Come-up Wednesdays.

Pop-up & Come-up Wednesday is a pop-up event held in the Potrero Hill neighborhood. Our summer events provided services from the following community based organizations and initiatives:

  • YCD
  • Black to the Future
  • 100% College Prep
  • Emergency Rental Assistance Program
  • Five Keys

Our summer Pop-up and Come-up Wednesday has successfully made over 40 job and program referrals and connected 9+ families with direct rental assistance logistics and process! Whether it’s for health, education, or simple humanities, we are by the people for the people.

This year has brought many challenges, but it has also shown the compassion and resiliency of our communities. As we move into the fall, it is still important that we work together to strengthen our communities. For the remainder of the year, we will be offering a Financial Awareness themed Pop-up and Come-up Wednesday event every third Wednesday of the month.

For more information about the upcoming events, please contact Program Service Director Hattie Wyatt at hwyatt@ycdjobs.org



YCD believes that every individual should have the right to sustainable and generation economic mobility.


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