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100% College Prep Class of 2021: Graduating During a Pandemic

100% College Prep Class of 2021: Graduating During a Pandemic

100% College Prep provides academic resources for middle and high school students from San Francisco’s underserved communities. Their intent and purpose is to make the dream of a college education achievable for all children through their various programs: Brothers and Sisters Making Change, Black Student Unions, Jump Start to College, and Step to College.

100% College Prep’s graduating class of 2021 is the reality of the American Dream. Being a senior during the pandemic was anything but stress-free. The pandemic has left students in a state of limbo and has heightened their financial anxieties. Despite all the challenges they faced, the graduating class of 2021 collectively earned a total of 1 million dollars in scholarships as well as transferable college credits through San Francisco State University’s Step to College program. The Step to College Program is designed to promote higher education among underrepresented minorities and low-income students who would otherwise not have the opportunity or means to attend college. Participating students have the possibility to earn up to 6 college units while still in high school

100% College Prep Class of 2021: 8 students will be attending a HBCU, 20 students will be attending a CSU, 1 student will be attending an UC, and 3 students will be attending an out of state university.

The past year has been a tough one for many people and our students are no exception. The most significant challenges that students faced were balancing school, work, and home responsibilities, while dealing with the issue of finding a quiet space to complete schoolwork. Furthermore, graduating seniors have to deal with the time-consuming college application process. 100% College Prep helped alleviate the stress and college application season anxiety by providing a learning hub for graduating seniors. The learning hub was created for students to receive guidance on completing college applications, schoolwork, and various assignments.

In spite of the pandemic, students worked along side with 100% College Prep to pivot through. 100% College Prep has yet again inspired students to set and achieve their academic goals and go on to earn postsecondary degrees. Among the class of 2021, 8 students will be attending a Historically Black College and University, 20 students will be attending a California State University, 1 student will be attending an University of California, and 3 students will be attending an out of state university.

The work is not done yet, 100% College Prep continues to impact and inspire the lives of many students. To learn more about their story, follow along their mission, and how to participate in their programs, visit www.100collegeprep.org or follow them on instagram @100collegeprep

Student Spotlight

Stephany Garin is a first generation college student from an SF Hope Site – Potrero Hill. She became a member of the 100% College Prep family after completing her SF HOPE scholarship application. She applied for the SF Hope- Tzu Chi Scholarship – Maisin Scholarship – and Bridges Housing Scholarship with 100% College Prep and was selected to receive all three! Stephany will be entering her first semester of San Francisco State with a total of $26,000 in scholarships. Along with her Metro and EOP services, Stephany will be working on campus as a tour guide.


Caleb Parker, a recent graduate from Mission High School, is a first generation college student from Bayview Hunters Point. Caleb was awarded the Superintendent and SF Achievers scholarships, earning him a total of $12,750 towards college tuition. During his free time, he enjoys playing basketball and video games. Caleb will be attending San Francisco State University in the fall and majoring in Chemistry. His life goal is to discover and distribute the cure to cancer!


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