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Voted Best Nonprofit to Work For!

Voted Best Nonprofit to Work For!

We are excited to announce that we have made the NonProfit Times- Best Nonprofits to Work For list for the 8th consecutive year. The NonProfit Times looks into various categories including but not limited to; work environment, supervisor/employee relationship, culture and communication, leadership and planning, and pay and benefits.

It has been an honor to make the list multiple years in a row, but this year is especially important as our team not only grew but completely shifted to fully support our programs and services virtually. Making the list during such a challenging year speaks volumes to the strength and dedication of our team as a whole. Focusing on the mental health and well-being of our team members has continued to be a priority. We have been intentional about our team building and the resources we offer to the team for both professional and personal support.

Our devoted HR Department has brought multiple training sessions to our team including the workforce development guru, Mr. Larry Robbin. We have been amazed by Emotional Intelligence expert, DB Bedford, who is providing an ongoing series that has inspired and connected our team in ways we never imagined. To add to that, we are currently in the middle of a financial literacy series with, Dr. Rosche Brown, who is introducing the four pillars of financial health and so much more.

Due to our training and workshop series, team members have found new ways to connect, whether it be virtual hangouts or safe outdoor activities. As the city begins to open back up and multiple staff members are vaccinated, we look forward to continuing the team building that has strengthened our team over the past year.

What our team is saying:

“We are a culturally relevant organization that’s rooted in the community it serves. We are getting our hands dirty doing the hard work, and I love every moment of it! It’s scary to realize we can have this much influence and an honor to stand up, represent and guide our people on their path to freedom. The people who work in Non-profits do so because of its heart work; what I love about YCD is that the organization has stayed true to its mission. I can freely give my heart to my work here, and because of that, I can be my best self every day.”
-Mr. Joshua Harrison, Job Developer


“I’ve always wondered how individuals found their passion in life and wondered if I’d ever be one. Honestly, for most our passions evade us, or we convince ourselves they are not worth the risk of pursuing. During this pandemic, I realized that I hated working in corporate (tech) America and that I’ve always been passionate about social justice and equity. Due to the longstanding racism, I faced daily growing up in the suburbs of Dublin, CA. I knew I needed to work for an organization that was mission-driven and values-focused and luckily I’ve found that here at YCD. I see this in numerous ways, especially with the various personal development sessions like the Cost of Jail Calls and Commissary Markups, Emotional Intelligence, and Financial Literacy workshops. YCD as an organization is clearly striving to aid us all in attaining a higher social and economic status. Which will create a grassroots movement starting with us all. I’ve learned a lot and have grown as a person by attending various workshops. It has been and will be a distinct honor and pleasure to work at an organization like YCD for the years to come!”
-Mr. Hassan Ali, Salesforce Business Analyst


“It’s truly a blessing working at a non-profit like Young Community Developers that not only cares about staff well-being but also provides access to professionals in other industries so we can make informed decisions about our lives. Whether we receive training on emotional intelligence or how to leverage our income to build generational wealth, working for an organization that cares as much about your personal development as it does your professional development is rare and I don’t take it for granted. Supporting and humanizing staff in ways like this makes YCD the best non-profit to work for, but I believe it’s a practice businesses from all sectors should adopt.”
-Ms. Thais Littleton, Assistant Program Coordinator, MLK Site Coordinator