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What’s New in 22

What’s New in 22

What's New in 22

January 27, 2021

2021 will be remembered as a year filled with challenges, opportunities, and pivotal moments. It has been a strange and disorienting year, but this was a reminder that our world is more connected than ever. As this global pandemic touches everyone, we have a unique opportunity to pause, connect with ourselves and one another, and ask the questions that really matter. 

With that in mind, YCD has unlocked our imagination and collective responsibility to find new ways to tackle our greatest societal challenges. The year of 2022 looks bright and promising. As we enter our 49th year of service, we are mindful of the critical work that lies before us. The YCD team is called to show up with renewed commitment and passion for our community and we look forward to assisting future generations of YCD’s community members.

As we approach the fifth decade of WHY we were founded as an organization, we are elated to be working on a branding strategy that will launch us from good to great. We are reimagining our compelling “why” and here is how we will get there: launching a new website, continued branding updates, District 10 billboards and an increased collaboration across the entire district. Now is the time for us to build upon the foundation of this amazing grassroots organization. We aim to leave behind a legacy of working tirelessly alongside all of our partners to uplift a community that has entrusted us as a vehicle to move the needle from generational poverty towards generational and economical wealth.

YCD is looking forward to continued growth across our organization that
will allow us to serve the community in a multitude of ways. We are
thrilled to be announcing the launch of our new initiative, Community
Economic Mobility Vehicle (CEMVe). CEMVe was designed to provide
connection and coordination to essential supportive services, workforce
programming, and other strategies that lead to financial well-being.
CEMVe will serve as an activation point for residents of District 10 in
achieving economic well-being. The design of CEMVe is the result of
ongoing conversations with District 10 residents who informed the design
process. They shared the value of creating a program that could:

  • Increase access and exposure to resources available to community residents.
  • Be truly offered in a community setting, breaking barriers that limit community access such as limited transportation, neighbor violence and only offering services in traditional fashions such as brick and mortar location.
  • Embrace the concept of “meeting community where they are.”
  • Build a greater sense of community through the sharing of positive cultural norms

This new approach is allowing us to bring the services straight to communities and we are looking forward to seeing positive changes.

The past two years have challenged our resilience, but time after time, our team has proven their ability to come out the other end triumphant. YCD has settled into the new normal, found our rhythm and is ready to take on 2022!


YCD believes that every individual should have the right to sustainable and generation economic mobility.


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