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YCD Programs

Meeting the needs of the most historically underserved community residents in San Francisco.​

YCD is committed to establishing career pathways within various industries. To this end, we offer several job readiness training (JRT) programs and employment support services and opportunities to adults of all ages seeking to enter the workforce. Our case managers work closely with our customers to support their employment search and selection of job opportunities. On a case by case basis, we also provide our customers with assistance to remove barriers that may prevent gainful employment.

YCD assists community youth in their overall development and continued enrichment through job readiness training, academic support, and mentorship.

Youth ages 14 – 24 gain personal and financial independence through programs and services designed to support their transition into adulthood.

Our diverse and engaging staff is dedicated to supporting this movement towards self-sufficiency. We provide them with the framework to make, reach and fulfill their goals and aspirations.

YCD actively addresses the affordability crisis by acquiring, preserving and developing affordable housing within the community.

To advance our goal to eliminate the displacement of residents, we identify opportunities to collaborate with organizations across San Francisco to propose strategies and policies that prevent displacement and keep local residents rooted in their communities.

To date, YCD has been instrumental in developing 60 units of all affordable housing. and we currently have 150 units of affordable housing in the pipeline throughout San Francisco.

YCD offers services to assist high at-risk and in-risk individuals, ages 14- 35, who have been involved with the justice system. We provide these customers with paid job readiness training; subsidized work experience; and employment and education placement services that align with their interests.

Our intensive one on one support model is designed to guide customers through the re-entry process by overcoming employment barriers, providing resources to advance their job search and attaining employment opportunities.

YCD enlists the support of key stakeholders, staffing and resources to strategically address the most urgent needs of the community. By design, special initiatives are able to quickly adapt and address evolving needs.

The following initiatives work deeply within the community alongside a host of partners to create an ecosystem of critical program and service delivery to residents: